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From the very beginning, Air France has always made every effort to optimize the use of its routes, but it was after the war that things started to step up apace, with expanding traffic and a growing network.

In 1949, each of the company's 150 stations had an operations division in charge of calculating the various different flight conditions and ensuring the handling of passengers and mail.
The creation of the Air Operations division in 1964 opened a new chapter. A division was in charge of developing the 3-year flight schedule and the Operations division, renamed ‘Quart Operation’ or ‘Quart Ops’, took over the day before flight departure.
In 1979, the teams left Orly to join the Air France Head Office in Montparnasse and the company entered the computer age.
Twenty years later, the ‘Quart Ops’ was transferred to an ultra-modern platform at Roissy. The OCC, Operations Control Center, was born. Today, 600 people work shifts there, 24/7, to ensure the smooth running of Air France operations and to maintain, in spite of all kinds of irregularities, our customers’ trust and the company’s interests, in strict compliance with flight safety and security rules.

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