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Air France and the Olympic torch

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On 13th September in Lima, the International Olympic Committee will elect the city that will host the 2024 Games.

In the 1930s, tennis champions such as Jean Borotra, aka the “Bounding Basque”, flew to Wimbledon aboard the Paris-London express! Through the XXth century, sport became a societal phenomenon. Aviation contributed to its rapid development by transporting professional sports players, as well as spectators and journalists, to their sporting events.


London 1948

Air France increased its service connecting Paris to the British capital 39 times weekly. Four years later, the company organized special flights for the Mexican and French delegations in Helsinki.


Tokyo 1964

The company was chosen by ten countries to transport their athletes to Tokyo. Sports players imposed their increasing demands for comfort, special meals and their occasional outsized equipment. Air France developed its expertise.


Seoul 1988

Air France transported the French equestrian teams’ horses to Seoul. In 1994, during the Lillehammer Games, the company brought the Austrians daily dairy produce supplies directly from their country!

And in 1992, it transported the Olympic torch between Greece and France, on board the Concorde... inside a special lantern!

As the favorite to win, Paris benefits from the support of Air France,” Official Supplier” of the bidding committee. A natural commitment for the company, which has constantly supported the sports world and hopes that the torch will make its way back to France. Until 13th September, ten of the company’s aircraft will continue to proudly promote the “Paris 2024” ambition.


© Collection Air France.DR

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