• 65 years of service from Paris to Tokyo

    December, 14th 2017

    © Collection Air France.DR

    Connecting Paris to Tokyo was unimaginable for a long time : 10,000 km as the crow flies, but twice the distance with slow aircraft, forced to make multiple stopovers.

  • The Concorde lands in New York

    November, 22nd 2017

    The Air France Concorde inaugurated the Paris-New York service, taking off from Roissy at 11:12* to land at Kennedy airport at 08:47* on 22 November 1977.

  • What exactly is a periscopic sextant ?

    November, 14th 2017

    In 1958, Air France equipped its "Super Starliner" with a new navigation instrument : a periscopic sextant. A first in commercial aviation!

  • Air France in the satellite age

    November, 14th 2017

    Summer 1962, 55 years ago, Air France provided its modest but historic contribution to the development of a technological means that is now essential in terms of international communications.

  • En route to Mali

    October, 3rd 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR Air France agency to Bamako

    In 1933, at the time of Air France’s creation, Bamako – then capital of French Sudan – did not form part of the company’s African network. Following the launch of Dakar in 1936, attention turned to Mali.

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