• Air France, fine dining in the sky

    December, 21st 2015

    © Collection Air France.DR / Collection Musée Air France.DR

    From 1933 to 1939, inflight service was limited to sandwiches and drinks on some flights such as the prestigious London or Nice routes...

  • When the boeing 747 entered into service

    December, 1st 2015

    When in May 1970, the Boeing B747 joined the Air France fleet, its “flagship” was the B707, capable of carrying 180 passengers over 9,200 km.

  • Air France tops the bill

    December, 1st 2015

    Air France has always supported cinema by screening films inflight.The first such (An American in Paris) took place as early as 1951 aboard a Lockheed Constellation between New York and Paris. But is has also supported it by working with film professionals.

  • 1934, Saint-Exupéry joins Air France

    July, 29th 2015

    On 29 July, filmmaker Mark Osborne is bringing out a new variation on the Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's famous book, who was also one of the airline's most famous members of staff.

  • Once upon a time, air france and children...

    July, 23rd 2015

    Air France has always been very kind to its young travellers. In 1949, the "famous" kids meal appeared on board...

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