• The first air hostesses take to the skies!

    March, 8th 2015

    Air France began hiring its first air hostesses at the beginning of 1946. Following an interview at Le Bourget airport, eleven of them were selected.

  • 49 years of close ties between Air France and China

    February, 19th 2015

    In September 1966, the Boeing 707 “Château de Cheverny” inaugurated the Paris-Shanghai route, after a flight time of 22 hours and 25 minutes and 4 stop-overs in Athens, Cairo, Karachi and Phnom Penh.

  • Travelling back in time to Reunion Island

    February, 4th 2015

    Air France and Reunion Island have enjoyed 70 years of close ties marked by the Company’s presence in the Indian Ocean.

  • 21 january 1976, Concorde's first commercial flight

    January, 21st 2015

    ©Collection Musée Air France Concorde in flight.

    Piloted by Pierre Chanoine, the Concorde, European aviation's new flagship aircraft, took off from Paris on 21 January 1976 at 12:40 and landed in Dakar at 15:27. It took off again at 16:45 and reached Rio at 20:06, Paris local time.

  • Air hostesses - Imminent take-off

    January, 3rd 2015

    ©Collection Musée Air France Premier stage de formation d'hôtesses au Château de Montjean - 1946

    At the beginning of 1946, Air France began hiring its first air hostesses. Following an interview at Le Bourget, eleven of them were selected. More information in the article devoted to the first air hostesses.

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