• Air France, no efforts spared for younger travellers

    June, 15th 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR

    As early as the 1930s, children travelled with Air France, sometimes alone, and the experience was unforgettable ... up to six days of adventure!

  • Air France included in the screen credits

    May, 24th 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR

    Air France has always cultivated strong ties with cinema, a source of dreams, just like the plane. From very early on, the company was involved in the filming, providing aircraft, crew and technical advisors.

  • The inflight magazine story

    May, 18th 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR

    To celebrate the merger of Air France and Air Inter, a new inflight magazine, in English, was launched on May 1st 1997: Air France Magazine.

  • Air France, 65 years in Mexico

    April, 27th 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR

    When it landed on the tarmac of Mexico Central on 27 April 1952, exactly 65 years ago, the Lockheed Constellation F-BZAT was paving the way for years of Air France history in Mexico!

  • Air France women

    March, 8th 2017

    © Collection Air France. DR

    As from 1946, the first stewardesses and receptionists joined the ranks of female typists, secretaries, nurses and assistants.

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